Bayelsa State Symbols

In line with the vision of the founding fathers of the state and given the Government’s stand on Ijaw mobilization, Ijaw integration and the need to promote Ijaw fundamental interest, which clearly is not subordinate to any other interests, the Government of Bayelsa State has given its approval to have a state-owned emblem to mark and strengthen our sense of identity as a state.

An extract from the Bill establishing the creation of the State Symbols on August 12th, 2012

The Coat of Arm


  1. Truth connotes what the Ijaw man stands for.
  2. Justice connotes the need to ensure justice for everyone with fear, affection or favour.
  3. Service connotes the willingness of Ijaw people to always render service to mankind.

Denotes the aquatic mastery and strength of the people.

Shows the rugged and the amphibious nature of the people

Denotes strength, agility, resilience, and intellect of the people

Signifies the first oil well discovered in Nigeria located in the State which also has abundance of oil and gas resources.

The traditional occupation of the Ijaw people


The light on the people.

Denotes the craftsmanship of the Ijaw people

Denotes the greenery of Bayelsa State with mangroves crisscrossed by rivers, rivulets, streams, creeks, lakes and lagoons.

Signifies the rich agricultural endowment of the State.

The Flag

Represents purity, honour and truthfulness of the people and their quest for justice.

Represents the abundance of waters and their inherent resources.

Represents the memory and sacrifices of our heroes.

Represents rich vegetation.

Represent the hopes and aspirations of our people.