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The Glory of All Lands

Connecting our Communities for Prosperity

Governor Douye Diri has taken substantial steps in the development of marine resources. The construction of new road networks is bridging coastal towns with the state capital, which is instrumental in harnessing the potential of the Blue Economy.

Our History

Bayelsa is a state in the South South region of Nigeria, located in the core of the Niger Delta. Bayelsa State was created in 1996 and was carved out from Rivers State, making it one of the newest states in the federation.

His Excellency Senator Douye Diri

Senator Douye Diri, the esteemed ‘Miracle’ Governor of Bayelsa State, secured his first term in office in 2019 under the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and was re-elected for a second term in November 2023.

As a distinguished Senator of the Republic of Nigeria and a former member of the Federal House of Representatives, he was prominently involved in advocating for Sustainable Development Goals.

Governor Douye Diri’s Prosperity Agenda is dedicated to enhancing the lives of all Bayelsans, with a commitment from the government to bolster peace, security, and the energy sector, thereby fostering an environment conducive to new investments in Bayelsa State.

 Bayelsa State, is a major contributor to Nigeria’s oil and gas dominated economy.

Business and Investment

Bayelsa State is a significant contributor to Nigeria’s oil and gas economy, boasting abundant natural resources and vast opportunities for economic growth and development.

The state government is proactively diversifying the economy by promoting sectors with high growth potential, including:Oil and gas resources, Marine resources, Tourism attractions, Labour opportunities, Agricultural development.

With a population of approximately 2 million, Bayelsa’s economy is currently reliant on oil exports. However, the Government is actively exploring new revenue streams through private investment, enabling investments in critical infrastructure projects in; Transportation, Housing, Healthcare, Education.

This strategic approach aims to achieve comprehensive development and prosperity for the people of Bayelsa State. Looking for a new home for your business? Look no further.

A Message from the Governor

“Together, we will achieve greatness and leave a lasting legacy for future generations. Let us work tirelessly to build a Bayelsa State that is the envy of the nation, a shining example of unity and love in action. Let us rise above political divisions and work towards a shared vision of a prosperous Bayelsa.”

His Excellency, Senator Douye Diri, Executive Governor of Bayelsa State

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Health and Well-being

The Prosperity Agenda

IndustralizationOnline Payments

The Government recognises the value driven from partnering with the private sector for Public-Private-Partnership projects for the provision of infrastructure

Tourism Development

Discover Bayelsa’s 180km of uninterrupted coastline. The State Government has placed tourism and hospitality development as one of its critical solutions to non-oil driven

Agricultural Development

Bayelsa has the perfect climate for cultivation of numerous crops from thousands of hectares of arable land. the land mass though not as massive as other states is green all through the


Bayelsa State recognizes education as a vital catalyst for achieving sustainable, non-oil driven economic growth. To address any gaps in this sector, the government is actively seeking investors to in education, to create a skilled and competitive workforce, drive innovation, and diversify the state’s economy, ultimately achieving sustainable growth and prosperity.

Housing Development

Bayelsa State Government Embraces Public-Private Partnerships for Affordable Housing. The Bayelsa State Government acknowledges the benefits of collaborating with the private sector through Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) to provide affordable housing for its citizens.


The Bayelsa State Government is taking proactive steps to address unemployment by diversifying the economy and promoting sectors with high growth potential. By diversifying the economy, the government is committed to providing a sustainable and prosperous future for all, where individuals can thrive and contribute to the state’s progress.


Land Area

Year Created


the prosperity Government

The Bayelsa State Executive Council: The Apex of Governance
The Bayelsa State Executive Council, also known as the Cabinet, is the supreme decision-making body in the Government of Bayelsa State, chaired by the Governor. The Council comprises:
  • Deputy Governor
  • Secretary to the State Government
  • Chief of Staff
  • Commissioners responsible for various ministerial departments
  • Governor’s special aides
The Executive Council plays a vital advisory role, providing counsel and direction to the Governor. As members, they are empowered to exercise authority over their respective portfolios, enabling the effective execution of governance and development in Bayelsa State.


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