Bayelsa State Health Summit 2021

Event Date:
Start at 12:00 AM
April 19, 2021 - April 21, 2021

The Bayelsa State Health Summit is designed to deepen the understanding of the health system challenges in Bayelsa State and to identify a decade-long road map for health systems strengthening.

The Summit has its major theme as :“Achieving Improved Health Systems Performance through Strategic Planning and Stakeholder Engagement,” and four sub-themes including:

a) Achieving Universal Health Coverage through strengthened Primary Healthcare

b) Performance management and quality improvement in the Bayelsa State Health System

c) Strengthening Health Financing through expanding the Health Insurance System

d) Transforming the Service Delivery architecture in Bayelsa State for impact


The Bayelsa Health Summit will hold between Monday 19th April to Wednesday 21st April 2021. At least 150 participants from across the Health System, and from UN agencies, Donors, Development Partners, and the private sector would be invited to participate in this summit.

The Summit will also convene political leaders, government officials at all levels, health stakeholders, local and international health partners, and other interested persons to advance health and sustainable development in the State.

The slogan for the summit is : “Better Health For All” and is presented as a phrase, placed across the map of Bayelsa State.


The major goal of the summit is to improve health systems performance in Bayelsa State through strategic planning and increased engagement with partners and stakeholders.

The objectives of the Health Summit would include the following:

a) To identify challenges and strategic priorities for the Bayelsa State Health System

b) To advance strategies to improve health system performance in Bayelsa state

c) To establish a framework for development of a Bayelsa State 10-year health system improvement plan

d) To create a platform to foster sustained and productive partnerships for the transformation of Bayelsa health system

Summit Activities

The summit will include plenary sessions and breakout scientific sessions, focused on achieving the goal and objectives of the summit. Expert panelists, resource persons, health stakeholders and other opinion leaders will share experiences to advance innovative, locally applicable, and cost-effective strategies and interventions to improve the performance of the Bayelsa State Health System.

Post Summit Activities

Following the 3-day summit, the Bayelsa State Ministry of Health and its partners will draw on lessons and recommendations of the Summit to develop a 10-year Bayelsa State Health System Improvement Plan, including draft of Bayelsa State Health Act, to guarantee sustainability through legislation. The operationalization of the results of the summit, will constitute a series of post-summit activities geared at developing, implementing and monitoring a health systems improvement plan, including the passage of a State Health Act.

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